Data Grid and Association, what am I doing wrong?

Something seems so easy but… I’m stuck! - Persistent entity JobTitle (JobId, JobDescription) - Peristent entity TeamMembers (TeamId, TeamName, JobId) - Association JobTitle_TeamMember ( 1 to many) Both tables have data. I’m unable to show the JobTitle.JobDescription in the grid view (Data source is JobDescription over the association). Thank you for your help.    
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I would guess that there is no association value set for each TeamMember to the JobTitles entity.  Here is how you can check this:

  • If you have an Edit page button on the TeamMembers grid, open the Edit page in Studio Pro and add a reference selector that uses the TeamMembers_JobTitles association (you can display either the JobTitle ID or Description in this reference selector)
  • If you don’t have a Edit page button on that grid, add one, right mouse click on the button and select Generate Page from the context menu that appears.  Make sure the generated page has a reference selector for JobTitle (see first bullet point)
  • Now, run your app.  Navigate to the page with the datagrid and edit one of the TeamMembers records.  I am guessing the reference selector will be empty.  If so, select a job title for the record you have open and save it
  • You should see the job title for the record you just edited in your datagrid.

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I made a small example.

Here is the domain model

here is the microflow

Here is the JobTitle retrieve

Here is the Change action where the association is set

Hope that helps.



You made my day, great understanding of the problem, super solution.

You are the man! 


Hi Massimo,

Can you check read access for attribute Jobdecription in JobTitle entity?



It seems to me permissions are ok.


Hi Mike,

I think you are correct. I just had Studio Pro creating the overview pages for both the entities, added a new member by the TeamMember_Overview page, and everything works how it should.

But this brings up a different question, though. I’m building the 2 tables using a SQL query and a REST call and it seems the Mendix ‘association’ has a different meaning or, at least, different behavior, than a DB relationship, that is what I was expecting.

Based on your knowledge, is there a way to force rebuilding the ‘association values’  after populating the entity?

Thanks for your help.



Yes, I do have JobTitleId in both tables (classic relational model where TeamMembers.JobTitleID is the external key to create the relationship with JobTitle). I can create the microflow which loops through the TeamMembers table but I don’t understand how to set the association. Can you please explain it, if you don’t mind.

Thanks a lot!