Putting cards next to each other in list view

Hi In the template “Task Tracker”, there is a list view in which the elements are placed next to each other. Specifically I am talking about the To Do’s on the Tasks Page (look at screen shot). When I try to copy that list view into another project, the elements (To Do’s) are getting placed under each other.   I have tried to use many different ways, however it does not work and the elements are getting placed under each other every time. I have also tried to re-create the list view without directly copying the template into another project, however it did not work. Can anyone tell me what I need to do in order to get the horizontal alignment as in the screenshot?   Kind Regards  
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Hi Nisanth,

There will be some custom css classes on the list view so you will also need to find which classes are used on your page / list view and copy these custom styles as well. Once you identify which custom styles are used then you can go to project directory > theme > styles > web > sass and go to relevant folder / sass file and copy them. (If you are copying these custom styles to different project them make sure you compile your sass, you can use Calypso to compile).


Hope this helps!


Use Bootstrap classes that Mendix provides, here is the link to the Medix helper classes



Or else you can do applying your custom CSS using SASS