How to open a project in Mendix Studio that was started in Mendix Studio Pro

Hello, all is in the title… I started an app on Mendix Studio Pro but now i would like to continue on Mendix Studio (Web). That is possible to migrate the app there ? Thanks you for your help. Julien
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You can do this in your Mendix Studio Pro App.



No Migration is necessary, both Mendix Studio and Pro use the same model. When you create an app via the create new app flow on it’ll enable both Studio & Studio Pro for development. If you have started in Studio Pro it won’t enable Studio by default. But you can turn it on using these steps:

  1. Open up the project in
  2. Go to General → Settings
  3. You should see an option to enable Studio
  4. Once you have enabled studio in the project settings you need to enable it for Studio Pro. Open the project in studio Pro.
  5. Next you need to select the development line needed for Studio. Use these Docs to help.
  6. Once the Studio is enabled and a development line selected you’ll be good to go.

These steps will only work if your project is hosted in the Mendix Teamserver. If you’ve developed your app locally you’ll first need to upload it to teamserver before following my suggested steps.