Import module MPK using modelsdk

We are creating multiple apps which use a set of custom base modules across the projects. So far we’ve been able to automate the build of the individual modules to create an MPK. The next step is to automatically import these new module MPKs in the existing projects. So far I haven’t been able to find any API in either the modelsdk or the platformsdk which could be used to achieve this. The basic flow that we want to do: - Create a new working copy for project 1 - Import the MPK (which will be on the filesystem where we run the script) - Commit the updated module   As you can imagine if you have 1 or 2 projects there is no problem in doing this manually. But when you have 50+ projects this is not a funny thing to have to do manually. The main use case will be to deploy minor releases of these shared modules to the different projects.   Any ideas whether or not this is already possible, but that I’ve missed it in the documentation?
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I don’t know how to achieve this, but did you already think about creating a starter app template that just has everything you need? To me it seems to be the easier approach.


Isn't this the functionality you are looking for?


Are all your Mendix apps on the same Mendix version?
And is this version the same as the version of the modules that you wish to import?

If yes then you can try with importmodulempk function from the SDK

Otherwise I am afraid it is not possible out of the box since the SDK can not convert between different Mendix versions.