REST service call to MindSphere

Hello, I have an app on MindSphere which reads data via a REST service from the MindSphere. The response data is then displayed in a time series widget and a data grid widget. The data should have a constant value but in my app every now and then the values are zero.  In the data grid whenever there are zeros as values it looks like the data with these timestamps was sent twice. This happens with running the app locally and when pushed to MindSphere. I’ve added a corresponding screenshot of the data grid with the described problem. The first and last row have the right values. Does anyone have an idea where the zeroes are coming from and where my mistake is? Thanks in advance
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I guess you have put both variables into one aspect, but the two time series values will not be updated to the same time. It is a requirement for all variables in one aspect to be updated at the same time, otherwise the values becomes null. In the MindSphere Asset Manager create a new aspect and move one of your variables into this one.