Datagrid auto filtering

I have an overview page that displays information in a datagrid. On my homepage I have a dashboard type affair that gives breakdowns of the number of records based on differing criteria. I would like to click on one of these numbers and be taken to the overview page with the grid filtered or constrained automatically to show the data expected. Is this at all possible or will I need to create a page for each scenario and get the data with a microflow?
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You can have some thing like below in your dashboard. Its a button styled like link.

When clicking this, you must redirect to a page with the datagrid.

Now, if you have many such links like this in your dashboard then easiest way to show different pages with different datagrids filtered. This is without much customization on your solution.

Ofcourse based on your link, you can try to take the user to the same page showing reports with different XPATH criteria’s. But you must write java actions to do this to create dynamic XPATH based on your selection. 

Check the below document.