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Advanced app intake process


Customization of intake process to place a process including questioners and milestones into the way of an intake process.


Step 1: Basic questions checking if app is applicable for a citizen developer or not

Result A: All green – continue to next step

Result B: CoE will reach out to you

Step 2: Description + field to field in data protection link or document directly

Mandatory to move to the next step

Step 3: Requesting environment


Steps must be adaptable by the enterprise as they are always different. But I see a common need in having such steps.

Could be extended to also add process in later stages like provisioning of production environment. Managing first go release etc…

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The way I see this done is there is a customer facing mendix workflow application where cit devs/ business can register an application and it’s a way to start onboarding the app into the App Lifecycle Management. With some API it could push this request into the portfolio management tool to organize the next steps as usual (do intake, architecture check, etc.).


Perhaps with some decision tree you could let the customer answer some important questions, and give a t-shirt size estimate of the app. Using something like function point analysis, this could be done even without doing in person intake. Or ask them if they want help or they just want to do it themselves. In later stages (dev/prod) they can update the status of the app, request nodes, request support etc. For the app factory team, they benefit from this because they have good oversight, especially with some additional control center features. 


Since this process is so different for each customer, we could better think of some blueprints or maybe template for this add on. We are planning to set up something like this at GSK.  We see some experience/successes at for example Siemens Makershub. 




you could orchistrate this today in the activity  module, and define the your customised proces.


this is what we do for Solo developers of Cit devs