Attributes of Associated entities wont show up in attribute selector for Dropdown

Hello,   I'm doing the Become a Rapid Developer learning path and am at 4.8.2 where I should add attributes of an associated entity to drop-down. I have given the entities a relation and have created the drop-down list. When I try to Select an Attribute I can see the related entities but as I click them, they all show no attributes. Why not or how should I add the attribute to the drop-down otherwise?  
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Thanks for the replies everyone! Mendix Studio doesn't have a Reference selector, but in the post Radhika mentioned someone said you can create a new attribute with a different name (eg. title1) after which the attribute list does show all the original attributes. This works.


Hi Huub,

I think this post might be helpful →

Also, I think Studio only has the option of Dropdown (last time I checked) and Studio pro has a different convention of calling it as a reference selector. 


Hey Stijn, thanks for the quick reply! 

Would this mean that I am reading the Academy wrong or what's up. Cause the Academy specifically states to use a drop-down:







A dropdown can only be used on attributes of type ENumeration. (

I you want to select an attribute over an association, you should use the reference selector.