In the learning path CRASH COURSE MODULE - MENDIX STUDIO PRO - 3.4.1 Importing User Stories: in which directory is the Mendix Excel file located

Hello, I’m  novice and i’m learning Mendix trough the CRASH COURSE MODULE path. I have a problem in the following section: 3.4.1 Importing User Stories Open your project. Under Collaborate click on the Stories link. Click the More button and select the Import / Export option. Select Update stories from Excel from the list and use the Browse button to select the Excel file provided to you and click Import. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next.   When I use the Browse button, the sytem opens the c:\temp directory. Can somebody tel me where I can find this Excel file? Thank you
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If i'm correct there are some resources in the Learning Path. That is where you can find the Excel file. 

Download it to your computer and upload in step 4 of the instructions.



As Aswin mentioned, you can find the excel sheet in resources section as shown below