SAML module - SSOLandingPage constant doesnt appear to be working

Hello Folks, I’m working on a SAML implementation using OneLogin as an Idp.  I’ve been able to successfully setup the module and authenticate with it.  For testing I customized login.html with a button to direct to /SSO/.   I now want to remove the standard login page.  I’ve followed the documentation by creating an index3.html and placing the refresh meta tag in index.html.  I set the SSOLandingPage constant to index3.html.  The system just goes into an infinite loop between index.html and the Idp.   I’ve tried ‘/index3.html’, ‘index3.html’, index.html, /index3.html.  Nothing works.  To see if the constants (landing, login, logout) were working I even set them all to a dummy landing page with basically ‘hello world’ in an h1 tag and I can’t seem to get that to show up.  So where does the module pick up the constants and how can I ensure they’re used?  I tried ‘find usages’ on them but there are none in the modeler.  So I assume they are used in Java or I’m missing a setup piece. Thank you, Justin
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So this is from my memory, try:
- index.html redirects to /SSO/ (remove the other contents redirecting to login.html)
- rename login.html to admin.html (so you can always login locally with the login page)
- add copy of the originial index.html as index3.html, thus without the redirect
- set landingpage to /index3.html
I think Mendix automatically redirects to login.html if it still exists... (ps you gotta check if logging in with admin.html still works in this scenario).