Bug on doubleclick on a ListView

Hi EveryOne, I found an anormal behaviour on the Listview. On click on the listview, i call a microflow who show a pop-up. If we click rapidly like a double-click, the pop up is opened  twice. Did someone have a idea to this issue? For now, i used a datagrid and design it to look like a listview. But it’s not the ideal. Thanks  
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At least two options I guess:

- disallow concurrent execution (MF-property)
=> it executes the MF in question once. You can choose for an errormessage when clicking twice, or activate a second MF which generates some logic (or not)

- In the MF, you first check whether you are activated a (very) short time before the last time
=> not a very nice solution, some extra logic is still needed, but it works...