Multiple Y Axes

I try to get a chart working with two Y-axis but until now no results. I have a simple Column chart with two series and for each serie I want a different Y-axis. I use the Column chart widget. In Serie 1 I have under advanced:    {     "name": "Y-axis 1",     "yaxis": "yaxis2",     "type": "line"   } Serie two advanced:   {     "name": "Y-axis 2",     "yaxis": "yaxis",     "type": "bar"   } In the widget I have Advanced and set the mode to developer under Layout option I have the next:   {   "yaxis1": {     "title": "Y-axis 1",     "zeroline": true,     "color": "#4682B4",     "showgrid": true,     "showline": true   },   "yaxis2": {     "title": "Y-axis 2",     "color": "#FF8C00",     "showgrid": true,     "showline": true,     "zeroline": true,     "overlaying": "y",     "side": "right"   } }   The result is just one Y-axis.
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For the data objects, try to use the values from the example here

Try using 'y2' as the value for 'yaxis' for the second series. 


I have It now working change the Yaxis name to “Y2”

{     "name": "Y-axis 1",     "yaxis": "y2",     "type": "bar"   }

Now I have the next thing, if I change both the series to bar then they are stacked on to of each other.