Make it Native QR Code does not scan

Hi all!   I am building a native mobile app and want test the app on my phone. I run the app locally and tried to scan the QR code in the Mendix Make it Native app but I got an error: “This is not a Mendix QR code.” I tried to type in the local URL as well but then I got an error: “The URL provided does not point to a valid Mendix app.” My laptop and phone are on the same WIFI. Some of my team got the same problem, some can scan and see the app on their phone. They use the same WIFI network.  How can I see the app on my phone?   Thanks, Kolien
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If you are on the same network, the most probable cause is the firewall on the machine running studio pro. Another cause could be that the settings in the network might prevent the connection, to test this last one try connecting the machine to your phone’s hotspot and the phone not to the wifi and try again. This fixed it for me while at a client this week being on their network with my phone and laptop gave me the same error and the workaround fixed this in this case.

The error message in the make it native app could be better and more specific though.


I connected the machine to my phone’s hotspot and scanned the QR Code. But still it is not working. Same error message. “This is not a Mendix QR code.”

Does anyone know, which Firewall settings Need to be changed to be able to scan the QR Code?