Integrating Mendix app with Azure AD

My organisation is in the process of implementing O365, which means we have Azure AD available. Does anyone have any experience of integrating a Mendix app into Azure AD, so that users can use their AD credentials to sign in? If so, where did you start?
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Use the SAML module to implement SSO. That works out of the box with Azure AD. See also

I always use SAML tracer a plugin for Firefox to test but Azure also has some test wizard that can be used.

For further integration you need Graph:

I only looked at it because it might be interesting to create AD users out of Mendix.





Hi Mark,

You could implement the SAML SSO module:



I have recently done research on this for my clients. One thing to keep in mind is that your AzureAD version will determine if the implementation is currently possible. If you a have paid Premium P1 or P2 AzureAD subscription, you can follow the pointers provided by Ronald without issues. However, the default AzureAD that comes with Office365 seems to be a bit tricky at the moment: 

Office365 subscriptions normally come with the “FREE” or “OFFICE 365 APPS” tier of AzureAD (versions link) . It supports SSO, but only platforms that have been registered in the “Azure AD App Gallery” can be used for SSO. 

From what I gather, this listing is free of charge and the only requirement is that Mendix sends a request to Microsoft for getting listed. I have filed a ticket to Mendix Support for this which was unfortunately declined at this point but I am planning to keep following this up. As it stands you would require “Premium P1 or P2” subscription for AzureAD to the best of my knowledge.