File Dropper Widget - not able to upload file- getting error Error saving Files! Error!

Hello I have created a domain model with Entity A having 1-----* association with entity B(Entity B generalised with system.FileDocument) and set the below values. I used this widget inside Dataview of entity B. When I run the application and try to upload the file, I am getting,  Error saving Files! Error! Not sure what is going wrong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Hi Manasa,

If I understand it correctly, you are putting the widget in the wrong spot. You are talking about a 1..* relation between A en B.

  • Let's say A is called Dossier, B is called Document. So a Dossier has a 1..* relation to Document
  • You put the FileDropper in a dataview for Dossier, because you are uploading Document objects for this Dossier
  • You set the File Entity in this screen to Document
  • You set the Association to context to the Dossier (over association from Document). This means that any Document you upload, will automatically get a an association to Dossier (as the 1..* association implies that the Document is the owner of the association)


Does this make sense?