Unable to publish

Hi, I developed a demo app on the Mendix developer portal about 2 weeks back. At that time I used it for few days and it was working perfect on laptop browser as well as on mobile phone browser. After about 10 days, today I logged in again and now am unable to open the app on my mobile. It says “Resuming…..” for more than 30 minutes! So tried logging in thru laptop. On laptop I am able to “Preview” it. But can’t “Publish” it. Its taken more than 20 minutes, but its still showing that its provisioning the app.  Can someone assist? Thanks and happiness
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I logged out of Mendix on all my devices (mobile and laptop). Cleared the browser history. And loggedin again.  I could successfully publish it. Now things are fine.

Am able to open my app on mobile as well as laptop.

All fine.

Thanks and happiness.