Get the path to a popup page

I am working on a way to log page visits, this related to the Mendix path in the studio pro. I’m using the Javascript-snippet to get this done. for a full screen page (Atlas_Default) i retrieve the path like this: let pageName = mx.ui.getContentForm().path wich returns me a string holding the path: ModuleName/ like:  MyFirstModule/ so far this works fine, i do a string split on the first ‘.’ wich results in ModuleName/PageName  The problem comes for a Popup page. When using the same code,  i get the path to the underlaying full-screen page (ModuleName/PageName), and not the wanted path to the popup page (ModuleName/PageName_Popup).   Anyone has an idea how to get the path to a popup page by the Mendix Client Api’s
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Inside the a widget / javascript snippet you can access the information