Data from a reference selector is not stored

Good morning, After creation of a EditNew page with an attribute of a data source, I test de page. For this field I use a reference selector, which shows the values of the relationship in the page. After saving the record it does not show the choosen data in the field. who can help me with this?
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What do you mean with attribute of data source? Your EditNew page needs an object. Is it coming from a datasource microflow? Is it passed from the page that is opening the page?

Can you provide some more details about your association? is it 1-1, 1-*, *-1 or *-*? Which entity is the owner?

Are you using the standard save button or a custom save button? If you use a custom button? What is your microflow doing?


Could you provide a screenhsort of your implementation and logic? Are you using a ‘save’ button or microflow?


Hello Andreas,

Hereby I sent you some information and screenshots. I hope this provides you with enough information.

I use a standard new button.



Domain Model:


i see now that only in the detailed page, the ID (number) is mentioned, not in the overview page. Please see the screenshots below..

Select record:

Update record:

Select record again:

and additionally I notice that the ‘ID’ is mentioned instead of the field 'naam’.


I do not understand your last answer fully.

The configured entity is the VS-table. The selected associated object  in the field should be, in my opinion, an attribute. The Mendix documentation shows (see the picture below), that I should select an attribute (red.frame).

Thats confusing. What is the correct interpretation?