SAPODataConnector - Handle csrf/cookie without user session

in line with the idea posted by Fabian ( we are running into a scenario where we want to make an SAP Post through a process queue. With the current implementation of the SAPODataConnector handling of CSRF Tokens and Cookies is tied to the current user (and current user session). This automatically means, that it is not possible to use any of the OData methods that require CSRF tokens out of the box in a ScheduledEvent/ProcessQueue or any other process running in a system context. To properly implement interfacing solutions not running in as user context it is required that the module handles this correctly in a system context.    
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as far as I remember the latest Connector was also able to handle CSRF Tokens in a server context. But the token is only stored within the execution context of the microflow (it’s not persisted).

regards, Fabian