DIsplay Other Entity Fields from Reference Selector

Hi –  I have a reference selector in my entity “A” having drop-down values from another entity (call it “B”). What I’m trying to do is, once a value is selected in the reference selector, to have other fields on the page auto-populate from that entity “B”. I’ve tried XPath and microflow and it’s not working; I get empty results. Any ideas?  The options i've tried are below;   Using “Filter List’ below, I created a list, then did a List Operation below pulling my list member from entity “B” where it equals the field selected on the reference selector from entity ‘a’:  XPath:   [AppName.EntityA_EntityB/AppName.EntityA/field=field_from_entityB]   In both cases above, I get empty results?
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Hi SL,

It sounds like your association should point the other way. If, in the context of object A, you want a pick an associated object B, your model should show the following:

On the page with context A, you can show your reference selector for your list of Bs, and then you can have a data view over association to show information about the selected B.

When you change the value of B (dropdown) the values in the B datagrid will update to match the newly selected B.

I hope this helps!