2 issues regarding New Page/Menu item and Microflows

Dear fellow Mendix, I am just started Mendix and doing the Rapid course atm. I have two issues already. I have looked for it myself but don't know where it goes wrong. First of all, I made a new page for the so called SLA dashboard, connected it to data and made a menu item. When i go on preview and add a Task and then click on SLA Dashboard in the menu items the page appears WITHOUT homepage layout..In the course it shows up the same as the Homepage layout. I have checked everything but can't find the solution. Second, in the microflows, at some point I have to insert SLA achieved and SLA missed in one of the objects. They are underneeth the enumaration values but I can't find them.   Hope someone can help. Best regards Bas    
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The page that is opened from the menu probably does not have the same layout selected as the one in the documentation. Have a look at the layout in the properties of the page and maybe change this to the correct one.

For the microflow change I think you need to set an enumeration with a valid value. This is done by selecting the attribute that you want to set and then entering the enumeration value like modulename.enumerationname.value or use the expression help button to select the enumeration value.