Export/Import Module package

I have created a module in an app. The module has obviously a domain model, microflows and pages. Now I want this module in a different app, so I exported the module. After importing the module in the target app, I noticed that all the Textfield and Labels on the pages had the default ‘text’ in the Caption field and not the text I entered in the original project. For the TextFields the reference to the attributes was still there, but the ‘{1}’ was replaced by ‘text’   Is this normal behaviour with importing / exporting modules 
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No, unless the language of the project was different. Let say you created the module in a English project but you loaded it in a project with only Dutch language you might see something like this. If language is not the case this looks like a bug and I would raise a support ticket.





The way this is displayed depends on the Mendix version. In older versions, it was only showing the placeholder ({1} for example), in newer versions it is showing the attribute name. This helps developers because they now see at first sight what is displayed on the page.