Chatbot in mendix

Hi, Is it possible to build a chatbot in mendix, Iam trying to do that without any third party integration, like the bot has to send some set of messages automatically. what kind of page is used for that to get such instant reply in mendix, and do i have to create a db for the bot, help me with possible logic behind it ,in such a way that the bot replies getting message from the user. Thanks in advance!
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In Mendix you can build all the logic you want (in combination with Java), but the question is should you build it from scratch in Mendix or use third party solution(s) which are probably more complete like Dialogflow, Wit.AI, Intercom etc. Assuming you considered that extensively, you can set up like this;

1 – build a chat mechanism to send/receive messages, you can use a microflow timer to retrieve messages and show it in a custom list view, mimicing a chat conversation. be carefull with performance costs. or use a third party solution like

2 – build logic to support dialogs for chat with intents,entities, patterns, for more info you can have a look at;


From experience I can advise you the quickest, cheapest, good solution; less complicated, easy to integrate and free.