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What are these community slack questions? I guess it’s questions asked in slack and synchronized with the forum. Is there any way to see who asked the question and who gave the answer? What happens to upvotes/downvotes? Is it only me or is this confusing?
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Hi Andreas,

All relevant Q&A’s in the Community Slack are recently posted on the Forum every now and then. This is done so everyone within the Mendix community can find the solution they’re looking for, and not just on Slack. 

Upvotes/downvotes won’t matter, names of the persons interacting in the Q&A are already mentioned.  



With all the communication going on in the Slack channel I was already thinking that a lot of interesting topics were bypassing the forum.

I don’t think this is a good solution, but still better than nothing.

regards, Fabian


This one was a question that was asked in the general channel, so I think the others are questions that were asked as well. Probably the idea behind it is to add it here so it can be searchable and other users can find the answers.


Also I see that they put the slack usernames of who asked/answered. 


Think its time to look at the forum domain model again...