No Development Line Selected

I have an error when I want to open the Mendix studio on the internet and I cant get it to open. It says "No Development Line Selected" and I can only use studio pro and running it there doesn’t fix it. 
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You can enable Mendix Studio for you project in Studio Pro.

This paragraph (link) describes how to enable Studio on a specific branch / main line.



  • When you create a new App from the Mendix Portal (, using the ‘Create App’ flow, Mendix Studio is by default enabled on the main line. This to provide a smooth online flow from ‘Create app’ to ‘Edit App’ in Mendix Studio.
  • When you create an app in Studio Pro, the Mendix Studio is not yet enabled on a development line (main line or branch). The development team using Studio Pro can enable Studio when team members want to use Studio.