How to show seating arrangement or designing front-end page like booking tickets for cinemas

Hi Guys, I wanna design a page like booking movie tickets where the screens are having number of chairs. Users need to select & Reserve their chairs based on availability.   are we having default Mendix widget to design this or need to use any third party API?  How to achieve this? Please give your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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Pretty specific usecase, i looked again in the app store byt could not find a widget for a seating representation.

Some possibilities;

- => seems like you can embed "interactive floor plan" to your html page and connect with an API to your backend

- you can embed/create a Mendix widget basedn an open source solution;

- not recommended, but may be useable if you are doing a demo; try to build in Mendix , i think with images of empty/filled seats and list views or template grids in combination with on change microflows, html/css styling, you can come pretty far


If you are able, I would suggest to build a custom Mendix widget based on the open source solution and share it for good will with the community :)



Never done it myself but i think you could also do something with: Map marker editor