Login using either username or email address

Hi all,   I want to give users the option to log in using either their username or email address.   So one textbox where they fill either of them in and a password textbox.   I assume there should be a way to set a microflow that tries both the username + password as well as the email address + password combination to login. However, I can't find any documentation on this.   Thanks for thinking along!   Cheers, Paul
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by default this isn't possible. the username is the username and that what you have to deal with.

BUT; you could try the following

  1. NP entity with username/emailaddress & password field: both normal string
  2. dataview on login page which shows a object of your login entity
  3. login is nanoflow which: tries to retrieve a user (possible in sub-microflow call) with both combinations and if found:
  4. use the login jscript action to login the user.


though not 100% sure if this solution is really possible.