Issues in passing list value as filter to a different page associated with the entity with microflows

Hi guys, i am very new user to Mendix , trying to do some hands on on trial and using web version What i am trying to do(Passing a select value as a filter to a different page where those data are associated to these entities) 1)from home page list control on click even i choose “Microflow” (wanted to select a specific attribute value on selection and pass it as filter  from page A to datasource in page b  Microflow (retrieve list) i choose the first one (because the select list returns single username) and the i choose open page action and pass the object User there I am getting the following error The selected page {PAGE_PARAMETER} expects an object of type BookedHour, which is not compatible with the object of type User that is available here. The selected page Overview expects an object of type BookedHour, which is not available here. Any ideas?? how to do this or achieve this ?
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you do make the Mx-rookie mistake to  store to much in referenced objects instead of using the power of associations. And that’s where the confusion starts.

In BookedHour you store the User name as string, while there is also a association between the BookedHour & User. THAT’S what you should use. 

If you want to show the list of BookedHours of a certain User selected from a list of users;

  1. create a page, starting with a DataVIEW
  2. Select entity User as context for the Dataview with datasource Context
  3. Connect the new page to the User list as click action or button within the context of a user.
  4. Fill the Dataview with a list widget (datagrid/listview)
  5. Set the datasource database: select the association to BookedHour 
  6. BOOM all the BookedHour objects of the selected user will be show.


This kind of patterns are explained in the Rapid Developer learning path:

Thats a good start when trying to understand the Mendix Platform






thanks will surely try and let you knowthanks will surely try and let you know