Deactivate Web Modeler for project

Hello Everyone, does anyone of you know if it is possible to deactivate the web modeler (Mendix Studio) for the whole project? If I am not wrong, by creating new branches, it is possible to add the web modeler (Mendix Studio) optional but I don’t think there is an option to strictly deactivate it.  
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If this option does not exist, it is something that must be added to the idea forum. Especially if it is a big and complex project, I don’t want anyone to open it in the webmodeler.


Agreed that this is a needed feature.

In the meantime, you can specify which branch the Web Modeler is enabled for.  As a work around, you could create a branch that is never used for development and specify that branch as the Web Modeler branch.  To do this, go to Project > More Versioning > Manage Branch Lines and you will get the Branch Line Manager dialog.



We had an issue with webmodeler (described in another forum thread). Mendix support was able to deactivate the collaboration mode for us. It seems like as long as the idea to have the option to turn it off is not implemented, mendix support can do that.


From the doucmentation you can learn on how you create a project where the webmodeler is diisabeled. See the documentation here:

But indeed once enabled it seems you can not disable it. That is indeed a missing feature.






i’m receiving all kinds of errors due to the web modeler :-(. I created an idea. Please upvote :-)


Instead of disabling the webmodeler and hold back innovation, use its advantages. Mendix projects can benefit from tools that :

  • integrate the current wireframes and Design-tools in Mendix studio
  • hand citizen developers an option to visualize their requirements, even create stories connected them 
  • hand developers the visualized designs instead of starting from scratch

The movement Mendix is making is very promising.

Mike’s suggestion is very useful for the current situation. Meanwhile we wait for the next steps in Mendix Studio’s evolution.