listview vs datagrid

Does anyone know how much “faster” a datagrid is compared to a listview? at the moment we often make table designs with a listview and a table because you can put buttons inline creating a more intuative user experience. Downside is that it takes a bit longer to create them in the modeler, you cant sort them by clicking on the title, and they seem a lot slower. I read something along the lines that listviews push a lot more queries to the database. anyone experiencing this? What do you guys consider best practise?  
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Did you tried to investigated it by your own? I think you could use the JavaScript Debugger tools from some browsers. Please don’t forget to share your results with us :)



as always this depends on what you’re showing in your list.

Retrieving associated data is usually more efficient in datagrids as these are retrieved together with the main objects in a single query. There has been some optimization w.r.t. listview performance and such kind of retrieves.

After all you should follow the advice by Gerrit and just check how many queries are generated.

regards, Fabian