ModelPublishedRestService POST File: Get File Name

Hi, there’s something pretty obvious I’m missing here. When setting up a PRS taking a single argument that is a System.FileDocument type or generalization, I cannot seem to find out how to let the instance of the FileDocument have it’s name set to that of the File posted. As far as the options I can see... And debugging, the FileDocument: The request body: I’m using the following for testing curl -F "data@./res/a.png" $HOST$PORT$ENDPOINT Thankyou in advance  
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Since it is a system.object attribute and the service configuration don't provide dynamic support for this, I would say that the only way is to  change it in the microflow. What is the reason you  don't want to change the name in your mf as it is available in your content-disposition. Would that differ that much when done natively?