Editable Datagrid Bug?

I have a domain model as follows: I use these entities on a page with a dataview for the Order entity, with a nested datagrid showing the Line items, like this: the Quantity and Price field in this datagrid are editable. Finally, on the LineItem entity, I have a Before Commit microflow that calculates the Extended Price for each line item and an After Commit microflow that updates the order total on the order. When I have more than one Line item in the datagrid, if I edit the Line items, starting with the first one and proceeding through all of them (entering quantity and price on each one), the Order Total updates as each line is changed, but the extended price does not update for any line items except the last one.  When the last line item is changed, the extended price for all of the line items is updated. Am I missing something?  Is this a bug?  A known bug?  Or is this the expected behavior of an editable datagrid?
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It sounds like a bug to me, after editing and leaving a line the BCO should be triggered and the Extended price should be updated. Seems to me it does the first part however it misses the refresh right?

It could be that it has something to do with the fact that the ACO refreshes the dataview object and thus correctly updates the order total. The BCO updates the line object and maybe somehow does nog get refreshed correctly.

In MX 7.11 there was a fix for something like this:

  • When tabbing out of an editable data grid, the changed rows were not updated.


Since you are using 7.23.6 it's probably a new or related bug:


HI, thanks for your feedback. Can you please try the version 7.23.7 and see if the behavior is the same?