Stuck in Become a Rapid Developer (Analyst) training 4.10.3

Hey all, I'm going through the analyst version of the Become a Rapid Developer training. All seems well until chapter 4.10 Nested Data. The domain model and the TrainingEvent_Registration_Overview page are clear. However when creating the details page for registrations for a specific course §4.10.3 step 1 says: When selecting the Registration entity, remember to use the TrainingEvent as a constraint! Also, don’t forget to check the Pre-fill page contents based on the Registration entity, so the Web Modeler automatically places the input widgets for the attributes in the Registration entity. Now I'm quite sure I should configure the connection to the page (Registration_AddEdit) for entity Registration on the On Click Action for the Add and ">" buttons. But how/where can the constraint for a specific TrainingEvent be configured for this entity? (In the Mendix Studio online environment.) Please advise! Regards, Pascal
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Retracing my steps I managed to fix the problem. Thought I might share my findings with potential students that meet with the same problem.

My mistake was made in §4.10.2 step 4. Here we are told to add a new row to the page. What I did was adding a new row to the existing layout grid that also contains the page title, thus creating a new row within the scope of the Data View. This appears to be wrong. Instead make sure to add a new row to the outer Layout Grid. Use the crumb path to do so:

Now when you subsequently add the Data View and the List 1 building block and then select a list item in the List1 the crumb path should look like this:

where previously I got this:

This solved my problem, I hope it helps you as well!

Regards, Pascal