Edit App in Studio: Failed to start Mendix Studio

Hi all, in the last days I used the Mendix Studio Pro (Desktop 7.23.5) a lot. Yesterday I commited all my changes to work a bit in the Studio (Web-Version). But everytime I try to edit the App in the Web-Version (Studio) Mendix give me the error message “Failed to start Mendix Studio” “Please check your connection or contact support if this problem persists”. Via the Web-Developer-Tool (F12 in Browser) I recieve the message "Failed to start Mendix Studio", subtitle: "Failed to load custom widgets metadata, please try again later"} Can someone handle this error syntax? Other Apps like “Start Your First App” opens as it should. Always happy to hear from you. Benjamin
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This can happen from time to time, i have seen it several times while  working with a team that only develops in the studio (web) version. if it doesn’t allow you to start the application after several hours to a day of inactivity, the only solution i have found is pinging support and having them work their magic.