How to synchronize

I am working through Synchronize import /export external data module. Material doesn’t look exactly like my version of modeler (7.23.5) but hopefully it doesn’t matter yet. After import of two modules I got following recommendation: StockManagement module’s entities and microflows using MxModelReflection Whithout any explanation how to do it.  Does anyone know?
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Hi Victor,

Add a navigation menu item that opens a page in App Store Modules > MxModelReflection > _USE_ME. The page is called “MxObjects_Overview”. Make sure you assign the ModelAdministrator module role to the user role that is assigned to the user who is supposed to synchronize if security is enabled in your project. This page is where you will find a button labeled “Click to refresh” (there are two buttons actually but you can check and confirm that they both call the same microflow, so basically they do the same thing) which will trigger the synchronization.

Always look for a “Use Me” folder or page in the modules you download. You’ll find them useful.