Order of JSONArray not kept

I am parsing a JSON Array and creating MendixObjectReferenceSet    JSONArray srcJsonArray;     for(int i = 0; i < srcJsonArray.length(); i++)     {             Object jsonElement = srcJsonArray.get(i);             IMendixObject elmentEntity = Core.instantiate(context, elementType);             // Set values on elmentEntity                           MendixObjectReference reference =  (MendixObjectReference)elmentEntity.getMember(context,memberName);          reference.setValue(context, tgtEntity.getId());                 }   However when I later retrieve those array elements from the reference set, the order is not preserved from the JSONArray order.         List<IMendixObject> arrayObjs = Core.retrieveByPath(context, tgtEntity, memberName, true);   Is there a way to preserve the order as defined by the source JSON Array?  
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The order in a referenceset is not guaranteed. If you need the order as you input the data use a reference instead.