error in create widget:self.grid.liveConnect is not a function

Hi all, I have an application build with 6.10.4 modeler. Now I am trying to upgrade it to latest version. i.e., 7.23.x Before that I went through the Moving from Modeler Version 6 to 7 release notes. I found that before upgrading to the latest version of 7.x, I need to upgrade it to latest version of 6.x. So I started converting it to 6.10.18 version. When I did it, I got the above error. How can I resolve this. Please help me. Thanks in advance. -Venkat
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Hi Venkatesh,

This javascript function is not available anymore as of some Mendix 7.x version, see also this question on which I responded:

So if you have the DataGridExtension widget in your project, it could very well be originating from that widget.


Ok, so the inline buttons feature. I would suggest to build this feature yourself then. The easiest way is to:

  1. Create two extra technical attributes of data type Enumeration;
  2. Add in the enumeration the images you like for Edit, Delete;
  3. Add those two fields to the data grid. Make sure to set the display of the fields to ‘Image’.
  4. Give the two columns of the datagrid a separate -but descriptive- class, like ‘inlineButtonsDelete’. and ‘inlineButtonsEdit’ Add a HTML snippet below the datagrid with JavaScript that adds an on click event handler that on clicking of the column fires a specific microflow.
  5. See the section of the Mendix Client API:


So, this does need some Mendix JavaScript API knowledge…

Good luck!