Mendix Studio and/or Mendix Studio Pro in Linux

Does anyone had any success installing the Desktop version of Mendix in Linux.
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Mendix Studio pro can only be installed on WIndows. Only option you have is installing Windows on the machine (direct or via a virtual machine.)



No chance to make it work over wine? Even after installing DirectX, visual C++ redistributable and other usual components?


As an update to everyone who has been commenting, like Dominik and Alex:
Ultimately, I ended up dropping Mendix altogether. The software may be amazing for developing business websites, but the combination of not being able to develop in my preferred programming languages (Go/Lua inside of it) and being locked to Mac OS and Windows even being a Java application at the core, is just too much.

I’ve lost work multiple times because of the application failing due to Microsoft Windows, and the Mac OS version isn’t as good (reason why even some developers I’ve met from Mendix itself use Windows under a VM).

At the end of the day. It isn’t worth it to focus my career on low-code yet. Maybe in the future...