Issue while running a docker image

I am trying to build and run a docker image for my Mendix app with the help of Docker Mendix Buildpack. I have referred following links : Building Docker Image Running Docker Image    While running docker image , command given is  docker run -it \ -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=Password1! \ -e DATABASE_ENDPOINT=postgres://username:password@host:port/mendix \ mendix/mendix-buildpack:v1.2 I have following queries ; What is the significance of ADMIN_PASSWORD here? My application is using default database. In fact, App has no operation of database. But DATABASE_ENDPOINT is shown as required field. it is not accepting blank value. Why So ? If I use postgres related value as shown in above code snippet, it is giving connection time out. May be because docker image has no postgres installed on it. But documentation has no mention about any manual step for it. Is ‘mendix/mendix-buildpack:v1.2’ is a sample image name here ?   Please refer to below image for error :  
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