Not able to load shared code in desktop modeler from team server.

Hi Forum, I created a project and shared the project with 2 other team members with the scrum master role assigned to them.  I am from India and other team members are from another country. When he tries to load the shared application code he gets loadingโ€ฆ for hours, and no error or message is displayed. Does anybody have an idea what could be causing this? modeler version is 7.21.0.
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Hi Omkar,

What you are describing is very basic platform functionality, as in: this should work. The fact that your team members are from a different country shouldn’t be of any impact. How is your team member loading/opening the app, using the desktop modeler, the Sprintr environment or a different path?

I’d try to delete/retry the steps, make sure I have a working internet connection and otherwise file a ticket.

Good luck!