CSV Import of file stored on FTP Server

Hi all,   I am trying to use the Flat File Importer module to import an CSV file stored on an external FTP server. Connecting to the FTP server using the (S)FTP module goes well, and I can see and download the desired file. However, when I try accessing the same directory using the exact same path using the Flat File Importer, I get the following error message:   Import directory not found   Could this be caused by the Flat File Importer not having the necessary login and password to access the FTP server? Is there any way to specify these credentials in the Flat File Importer? Or does the module simply not allow ftp protocols?   Thank you for your help,   Ruben
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Hello Ruben,

I suggest that you retrieve the file from the FTP server and store it in a file document (Using your SFTP module) then process it with the file importer using queues.

Don’t think the flat file importer has any SFTP (or FTP) capabilities itself.

Hope this helps 


Something to take into account when transferring files via FTP is that you have no way of knowing if the transfer is complete.

To work around this, it is probably a good idea to make sure that the uploading party calls the file somethingsomething.part and renames it to somethingsomething after uploading is complete. Then you can make sure to ignore any .part files.


I was fearing that might be the case already, thanks for confirming Dragos.