Line chart X axis data points are not visible completely

As shown in below screenshot Line chart X axis data points are not visible completely  and also Y-axis line is not visible    
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Do you have specific formatting options set in your widget? Usually the default output avoids cutting off data like you’re showing on the y-axis, unless you’re forcing a maximum.

I’m sure there are formatting options in Plotly to help you to format this graph. The best way I’ve found to use and visualize all of the various formatting options is to use the Online Graph Maker. In there, you can set all kinds of formatting options using the visual editor, and then you can see the JSON output from that by opening the JSON tab and clicking on “Tree”. Any of the JSON layout options could be used in your widget. If you flip the widget into developer mode, you should be able to test those formatting options live in your Mendix app as well.