Check a mobile users internet connectivity.

What is the best way to check if a specific mobile user is offline in a microflow? Our idea was to trigger a webservice with a scheduled event every minute or so, that reports the current user as “online” by setting a timestamp. Then another scheduled event changes a boolean if the timestamp for a user is older then x amount of time. And we use this boolean in the microflow to determine whether a mobile user is online or offline. Some background: We need to lock certain objects when they are edited by a desktop user. Mobile user uses Nanoflows to work with this object, so he might miss the lock when offline. Therefore, we need to verify that mobile user is online before locking the objects, in order to ensure the objects really cannot be changed by the concerning mobile user.   
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Search for a corodova plugin that check network connection and you can integrate it in to your phonegap bundle.


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Recently someone asked a (kinda) similar question, perhaps one of the answers is of use to you?