Mendix Hosted Server Email Error

Hi Mendix Community, We have an error when sending emails from our production server hosted by mendix. Server settings:   The problem we are facing is that an email needs to be send out twice before the recipient receives the email, the weird thing is there are no errors in the log and the system sees the first email going out as send but does not get delivered to the recipient.   Are we missing something? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Vincent,


Are you in Mendix cloud V3? The documentation says that Mendix mail server only exists in V3.


I usually use a gmail address when I don't have a smtp server. Here is a link to the gmail smtp settings.


Also, if you go this route, sometimes a security alert is sent to the email address you are using to send emails. You have to log in and click the link to authorize the application to use the email address before you can send any emails. \


Hope this helps!