Business Process Orchestration and Choreography

Mendix uses BPMN models called Microflows to specify application logic inside a microservice. BPM/SOA platforms used to support BPMN-based orchestration of SOAP, REST and micro services.  The microservice architecture prefers choreography over orchestration typically using publish-and-subscribe messaging. My question is what Mendix does or will likely do in the near future to help developers implement business process orchestration and choreography involving many micro, REST and SOAP services internal and external to the Mendix platform? Capgemini seems to have done process orchestration pulling together Mendix apps and SAP SOA services.  And it seems contributing to CORA (Common Reference Architecture) to further advance BPM/SOA directions in the face of new types of SOA services such as the microservices generated from HP aPaaS like Mendix. Does anyone know what Mendix capabilities are available now for BP orchestration and choreography, and where they are headed to make them easier to implement?
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