No constructor found for widget ListViewSwipe

Hi everybody, Im trying to include the listview swipe widget into my project. When I run the project (locally) underneath the listview this error is shown: "No constructor found for widget ListViewSwipe.widget.ListViewSwipe" I've searched the forum about this issue, and tried the suggested solutions: clean deployent dir, empty cache, reinstall widget... but no success. Could it be that the plugin has compatability issues with version 7.18 of the modeler? Regards, Bart 
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Could try opening an issue here :


Hi Bart,

I was able to get rid of the no constructor found error by commenting out lines 3239 and 3286 in the widgets javascript file. 

This widget was built by mendix so I'm sure they will fix the issue right away but in the mean time you can try  this


Hope this helps!


Edit: Here is the example project that I tested it in.