hide or display text field or group box on click on button

hi, I need to hide or display a text field and group box on the page on click of a button, is there a way to do it in Mendix.  ? Like we do it in java script, get handle to the control element using the dom and say something like text1.visible=true or grp1.visible=false something like that , can we do it in Mendix ?
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Hi Deepak,

Are the text field and group box in a data view? If they are, you can add a boolean attribute to your entity, and set the condtional visibility of the group box and text field to be visible on that attribute. Then you can use a microflow button to run a microflow that uses the change activity to set the boolean value (don't forget to use refresh in content). 

If the text box and group box aren't in a dataview, you can create a non-persistent entity with a boolean attribute and use that. 

Hope this helps!