Many custom widgets from the app store dont work in IE

Maybe this has been asked before, but we're building a consumer app owing of which supporting IE (version 11,10)  is a must. However, what I see is that almost any widget on the app store (that I've used) doesn't work in these versions of IE. Posting because I was wondering how others have overcome these challenges. Some ideas that come to my mind are: Reach out to each widget developer & pray Fork the code & make the changes yourself [sic] Any other ideas?   Representative sample of widgets that I'm having trouble with: HTML Snippet Format String List view refresh Switch Drag and Drop Support Widget Confirm Button
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Are you referring to IE11.10 or IE11 and IE10? I ask because Mendix does not officially support IE10 at this point:

If you're talking about IE11:

These 4 widgets have Mendix Platform level support. So, submit an issue on GitHub and open a Mendix support ticket, and these will get resolved.

  1. HTML Snippet
  2. Format String
  3. List view refresh
  4. Switch


These are not supported by Mendix directly. For drag-and-drop, your answers are correct. If you do fork the widget, please consider submitting a pull request to the widget author so that the problem will be fixed for everyone.

  1. Drag and Drop Support Widget
  2. Confirm Button


Finally, I'm the author of the ConfirmButton. Please add an issue to my repository and I'll take a look. Or if you happen to fix it yourself, I'll look out for a pull request.


If you want to make your custom widget work for IE use remove the line “use strict”; in the js file of the widget.

Complete help:

  1.  Unzip the <widget>.mpk in the <project folder>/widgets (by using a tool like 7-zip)
  2. Open the <widget name>.js file in the  extracted folder/widget with an editor (like notepad++)
  3. find the words “use strict”
  4. place // for this line , so you get //”use strict”;  , or remove the complete line
  5. save file
  6. zip the extracted folder again as <widget name>.zip
  7. rename it as <widget name> .mpk
  8. place the mpk file in the <project folder>/widgets
  9. reopen your project in mendix modeler.