Active menuBar item while using 2 page templates

L.S., Currently for a client we are building a web application. For this application we have created 2 page templates. However if we switch from 1 template to another the active menu-item is not being set.  After some research I found out that when you keep using the same page template this data is not being retrieved again from the server and therefore the active menu-item is know for that page template. Is it however possible to set the active menu when going from one to another page template without creating an ugly javascript solution? Kind regards, Bart
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If possible you should put the menu in a master layout that both of your layouts use


Hi Bart,

   It seems like the situation you outlined should work like you expect.  It may be a good idea to create a support ticket just to track this issue.  In the short term, someone has already gone through the trouble of creating the ugly javascript solution and wrapped it in a nice widget.  Check out the following widget and see if it helps you out: