Stopping the background scrolling whilst a modal popup is open

Hi all, Currently working on a system which involves using a modal popup to open an extra field when/if a profile is leaving the company. The page in the background has a scrollbar as it is longer than the screen though, so when i click and the popup opens, there is still a scrollbar in the background and it still works. Any way to "freeze" that background so it doesn't scroll whilst the modal popup is open?  Thanks! Ben
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StackOverflow to the rescue!

This (or any for that matter) addition to the css can be easily done using sass:

Good luck! 


This is a bug. And a big one. Modal means modal. By definition the main-window and all its elements should be inactive, untouchable, non-interfering at all for as long as the modal window is still active. So your best bet is to report a bug at Mendix and have them solve this bug. Mendix will be a platform for it.

Alas a javascript-bugfix like the Stackoverflow example will probably work for you and you will be in the clear, but it would be so much better is Mendix would solve this.